The city of Christchurch has recently been hit by the second mayor earthquake in a row which cause severe destruction. Great artists from all over the world have donated artworks which are currently on sale on trade me. All money raised will be donated to the Red Cross Earthquake Appeal.

Mittwoch, 23. März 2011

Trade Me and international bidders

A quick note to all international bidders: When you register just type Auckland in the field where it says "closest town" but enter your normal home address in all the others. That's the easiest way to get around Trade Me's limitation of membership to New Zealand and Australian residents. As I am organising the shipping of the items international delivery is not a problem at all. Happy bidding :)

Montag, 21. März 2011

The auction has started!!

The auction is up and unning:

Please bid and/ or forward this link to people that might be interested in buying some art and at the same time supporting those who have been affected by the Christchurch earthquake. All money raised through the auction will be donated to the Red Cross Earthquake Appeal. Thanks again to all the artists that have generously donated their artwork as well as to those bidding on them! Some items will be added later this week.

Mittwoch, 16. März 2011

more amazing donations

During the last few days some more, fantastic art pieces have been donated. I really want to thank everybody for their support, encouragement and contributions. This started very small, but its getting bigger and bigger and all just because of you guys who are willing to help.
Check out the amazing artworks that I received recently:

Brilliant limited edition (50 pieces, hand-printed) print by one of my all-time favourites the uber-talented Uli Meyer (Germany/ UK)

Adorable artwork by the amazing artist, animator and teacher Mark Oftedal (US/ Thailand)

Fantastic digital artwork by Tod Polson (US/ Thailand)

Fantastic life drawing by my Animation Mentor friend Florent Perrin (France)

Stunning photography by my friend Nathalia Cruz (Austria/ New Zealand)

Beautiful linocut by my friend Philipp Schloerb (Germany/ Austria)

Cool digital art piece by Simon Lindner (Austria)

Freitag, 11. März 2011

and even more...

I'm proud to upload some more fantastic artworks that have been donated to the art 4 new zealand auction! And I also have two more great announcements to make:
trade me (where I will host the auction) will refund all fees once the money is donated, so all the money that is earned will go to the red cross charity :) And secondly has agreed to offer us a number of free prints for the digital artworks and photos which again will save money that can be donated.

Amazing artwork by stellar animator and illustrator Pascal Campion (USA) - so great to have him on board :)

Great life drawing by Catherine Beyer (Austria)

Fantastic still life painting by my friend , the uber-talented Janet Lau (US/ New Zealand)

Cool character sketch by Matt Walker (US/ New Zealand) whom I want to thank for his support and ecouragement :)

I also just heard about the earthquake in Japan- I send them all my sympathies and positive thoughts

Dienstag, 8. März 2011

....more artworks :)

Amazing oil painting by the talented Tom Tipu Pono (Austria)

Great digital art by my friend and co-worker Thomas Tatko (Australia/ Austria)

Beautiful photography by Tomas Kloucek (Czech Republic)

Montag, 7. März 2011

first artworks coming in...

The auction will start in about a week. Exact day and time will be posted soon. Just as a teaser of the art for the auction, here a few pieces that have been donated so far:

Great digital art by Lucas Cuenca & Alfredo Yuen (New Zealand)

Cool artwork by Jasbeer Kootbally (UK)

Photagraphy by the talented Denise Hippler (Brasil)

Great art by Nina Levett (Austria)

I'll keep you updated :)
Thanks for all the support and encouragement. And feel free to join our facebook group Art4Christchurch

Sonntag, 6. März 2011

Art for Christchurch - please donate artwork

Hi everybody, as most of you might have heard the city of Christchurch has recently been hit by the second mayor earthquake in a row which cause severe destruction. As I currently live in new zealand I have friends and collegues that were directly affected by the consequences of the quake and tv and newspapers are full with articles and images of the destruction.

As I can't offer much help as just a single person I decided to start an online auction where I want to sell sketches, drawings, paintings, photogrphies etc. I know that people out there also like to draw and paint I wondered if anybody was willing to donate a piece of their art. I would highly appreciate it.

All I need for now would be a photo of it and your contact details. The item would remain with the artist till it is sold stating in the description where it is located and what the shipping costs are. Once it is sold the artist will send it to the buyer and get the shipping cost refunded by me.

I'll collect artworks, set up the auction and then send out a link...thats the time when it would be great if you could let as many people as possible know that there is an auction going on :)

It's really hard to see so many people who've lost everything and I would be glad if we could at try to help.

If you are willing to help, please send an image of your artwork and your contact details to c_kleinheinz (at)

Thanks guys!!