The city of Christchurch has recently been hit by the second mayor earthquake in a row which cause severe destruction. Great artists from all over the world have donated artworks which are currently on sale on trade me. All money raised will be donated to the Red Cross Earthquake Appeal.

Freitag, 11. März 2011

and even more...

I'm proud to upload some more fantastic artworks that have been donated to the art 4 new zealand auction! And I also have two more great announcements to make:
trade me (where I will host the auction) will refund all fees once the money is donated, so all the money that is earned will go to the red cross charity :) And secondly has agreed to offer us a number of free prints for the digital artworks and photos which again will save money that can be donated.

Amazing artwork by stellar animator and illustrator Pascal Campion (USA) - so great to have him on board :)

Great life drawing by Catherine Beyer (Austria)

Fantastic still life painting by my friend , the uber-talented Janet Lau (US/ New Zealand)

Cool character sketch by Matt Walker (US/ New Zealand) whom I want to thank for his support and ecouragement :)

I also just heard about the earthquake in Japan- I send them all my sympathies and positive thoughts

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